Service Sectors

Nurse (Healthcare)

We are specialized in providing highly skilled Nurse Specialists are registered nurses who typically hold a master’s degree, at minimum, along with national certification denoting advanced knowledge and clinical skills specific to a particular patient population or specialized area of nursing. While working directly with patients, they implement treatment plans to resolve or mitigate medical or psychiatric issues.

Nurseries (Landscape)

We are specialized in providing experienced nursery staff and they may also supervise seasonal crews and manage order fulfillment, positive approach, lots of creative ideas and a willingness to work as part of a team.

Drivers (Logistic)

We are specialized in supplying all types of truck drivers  will play an integral and critical role. They will deliver bulk deliveries of parcels to corresponding locations.

Admin Clerks

We are specialized in supplying Admin clerks who has Strong interpersonal skills, who can thrive in a fast paced environment and also has Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.